Aero App Features List

1.1911 Aero App Features
Display Helicopters and TACs
User defined buffer for Active Waypoint
Open Street Maps
Search and Rescue Grids
Draw on APD/IAP
Waypoint Text File
User Waypoint Database
Display ADS-B Device Battery Level
CRD Support
Multiple Routes on Map
Place Names
Switch to Airport Diagram
Add MTRs to Route
Airways Vector Tiles
Digital Globe
Import and render KMZ and KML
FAA Airway Vector Tiles
PDF support on Split Screen
Display Airport Diagram on Map

1.1811 Aero App Features
Air Force Weather
Display Route ETE, ETA, XTK, Current Leg
Display individual legs of route
Core Data File Deltas
Support new E-IPL charts
Measure bearing and distance between two points
Search and Rescue patterns
Minimum Vectoring Altitude (MVA) Overlay
PDF support in split screen
Altitude Calibration
Time Zones Overlay
Timer on Moving Map
Fuel Calculations
Contract Fuel Locations
User GeoPackages
MGRS/Lat,Lon of center of map
Breadcrumb timer
Distance defined breadcrumbs
Toggle Airport labels
Toggle SUA labels
Toggle TFR labels
Distance rings labels
Track up
Support new Africa per-cycle updates
KML and KMZ importing and rendering

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