What's New

Route Line Transparency

Aero App allows pilots to adjust their current route line transparency.

Point Shapes

Pilots can add point shapes (triangles, squares, or circles) to the points in their route.

Ownship icon

Pilots can select their preferred ownship icon to display on the Moving Map. Pilots can select from P-3 (B737), Boeing C-17, A-10 Warthog, and many more.

PDF Search

Pilots can search key terms on the body text of any PDF file within Aero App. The searched term will be highlighted in the current document.

Arresting Gear

Aero App enables pilots to overlay worldwide Arresting Gear locations on the Moving Map. Tapping on an Arresting Gear icon displays a pop-up with relevant information.

AUD Support on ADS

Aero Data Server allows the use of Aero User Datasets (AUD) credentials to download data.

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