NGA’s Aero App displays the data and products DoD aviators are required to carry when flying (DAFIF, FLIP & so much more)

Aero App is available on iPad, Android and Windows tablets.  

Upcoming Cycle: 1905
Core Data 
Moving Map 
WWL (Cycle) 
WWL (Update) 
Effective: 2019-04-25

Upcoming Cycle: 1906
Core Data 
Moving Map 
WWL (Cycle) 
WWL (Update): Est 2019-05-31
Effective: 2019-05-23

Upcoming Cycle: 1907
Core Data: Est 2019-06-05
Moving Map: Est 2019-06-12
GeoRef: Est 2019-06-14
WWL (Cycle): Est 2019-06-14
WWL (Update): Est 2019-06-28
Effective: 2019-06-20

Aero App                          Version

Aero iOS                            1.1811.14

Aero Android                    1.1811.18

Aero Windows                  1.1811.16

ADS for Windows             1.1806.14

ADS for macOS                 1.1806.14

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