2020-05-28: 1.2007 Aero App for Android is now available

1.2007.14 Aero App for Android is now available for download.

2020-05-18: 2006 Global Update

ATTENTION: We recommend updating for cycle 2020-05-21 (2006) by downloading it from AWS. A display issue related to MVA sectors affecting few MVAs was found and fixed. 

2020-04-09: Aero App and Data Cycle Update

ATTENTION: New versions of Aero App and the Aero Data Server (ADS) are available for download. Aircrew operating in the Africa data/product region MUST update their software to ensure they receive the latest FLIP data. Please click here for more information.

2020-04-29: New Aero Data Server Available for DoD Aero Mobile App

Aero App users wishing to take advantage of the new DOD IFR Area charts for Africa (cycle 2005) and 28-day electronic charts for all DoD FLIP regions (cycle 2006) must update their Aero Data Server (ADS) to version 1.1911.6, available for Windows & macOS.

2020-04-01: 1.1911 Aero App for iOS Available

1.1911.19 Aero App for iOS is now available for download.

2020-03-23: 1.1911 Aero App for Windows is now available

1.1911.15 Aero App for Windows is now available for download.

Helicopter, TACs, NGA’s GNCs, JNCs, JOGs, and TPCs available

How to: Download the mbtile files and drop them into Aero App’s Documents folder using iTunes.

NGA’s Aero App displays the data and products DoD aviators are required to carry when flying (DAFIF, FLIP & so much more)

Aero App is available on iPad, Android and Windows tablets.  

Current Cycle: 2006
Core Data
Moving Map
E-IPL (Cycle)
E-IPL (Update)
Effective: 2020-05-21

Upcoming Cycle: 2007
Core Data: Est 2020-06-03
Moving Map: Est 2020-06-10
GeoRef: Est 2020-06-12
E-IPL (Cycle): Est 2020-06-12
E-IPL (Update): Est 2020-06-26
Effective: 2020-06-18

Upcoming Cycle: 2008
Core Data: Est 2020-07-01
Moving Map: Est 2020-07-08
GeoRef: Est 2020-07-10
E-IPL (Cycle): Est 2020-07-10
E-IPL (Update): Est 2020-07-24
Effective: 2020-06-16

Direct Install to Device: click here

App                                    Version

Aero iOS                            1.1911.19

Aero iOS                            1.1811.14

Aero Android                   1.1911.25

Aero Android                   1.1811.19

Aero Windows                 1.1911.15

Aero Windows                 1.1811.16

ADS for Windows            1.1911.6

ADS for Windows            1.1806.14

ADS for macOS                1.1911.6

ADS for macOS                1.1806.14

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