2002 Georeference data

2002 Georeference data was updated at 6 PM EST, 28 January 2020. Please ensure you have downloaded the latest data. Click here to download.

1.1911 Aero App for iOS

1.1911.17 Aero App for iOS is now available for download.

1.1911 Aero App for Android

1.1911.21 Aero App for Android is now available for download.

Electronic Instrument Procedure Library (E-IPL)

Effective 1 DEC 2019, the Aero Mobile App and NGA’s aeronautical web sites (ASPS, ACES, CARDS) will no longer host or display Jeppesen products, including instrument flight procedures and other content. The DoD Electronic Instrument Procedure Library (E-IPL) replaces the Jeppesen charts and is available now.

Helicopter, TACs, NGA’s GNCs, JNCs, JOGs, and TPCs available

How to: Download the mbtile files and drop them into Aero App’s Documents folder using iTunes.

NGA’s Aero App displays the data and products DoD aviators are required to carry when flying (DAFIF, FLIP & so much more)

Aero App is available on iPad, Android and Windows tablets.  

Current Cycle: 2002
Core Data
Moving Map
E-IPL (Cycle)
E-IPL (Update)
Effective: 2020-01-30

Upcoming Cycle: 2003
Core Data
Moving Map
GeoRef: Est 2020-02-24
E-IPL (Cycle)
E-IPL (Update): Est 2020-03-06
Effective: 2020-02-27

Upcoming Cycle: 2004
Core Data: Est 2020-03-11
Moving Map: Est 2020-03-18
GeoRef: Est 2020-03-20
E-IPL (Cycle): Est 2020-03-20
E-IPL (Update): Est 2020-04-03
Effective: 2020-03-26

Direct Install to Device: click here

App                          Version

Aero iOS                            1.1911.17

Aero iOS                            1.1811.14

Aero Android                   1.1911.21

Aero Android                   1.1811.19

Aero Windows                 1.1811.16

Aero Windows                 1.1803.3

ADS for Windows            1.1911.4

ADS for Windows            1.1806.14

ADS for Windows            1.1911.4

ADS for macOS                1.1806.14

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